Hi there, my name is Raphael.

I was born in Reunion Island, a French colony in the Indian Ocean, near Madagascar. I feel like I have lived many lives in France, India, London, New York until I settled in British Columbia.

In 2013, i was introduced to Reiki and it changed my life. I remember practicing every day on myself and feeling super energized and needing less sleep… This was mind blowing at the time. I obtained an Usui Reiki level I & II from Andy Chrysostomou in London, a member of the Reiki Guild and the International Guild of Complementary Therapists.

I came to Canada in 2015 and shortly after decided to do my Usui Reiki level I & II again through the Jikiden Reiki association a direct Japanese lineage which re-merged in 1999 after being only taught in closed groups. I was surprised to see how different the original way of teaching Reiki differed from the Western Reiki I learned.

Since I came to Canada, I became more intensively involved with spiritual activities, hosting weekly prayer and meditation circles as well as healing workshops in France and Canada. In 2023, I started volunteering at Nanaimo Community hospice, a wonderful organization which provides a much needed service.

I currently offer energy healing sessions online or in-person at my studio in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

It would be my pleasure to serve you on your healing journey. I am looking forward to connect with you.


Here is a visualization of my Reiki lineage: