Give yourself the gift of holistic care

In Reiki, mind body spirit and soul are balanced to reawaken our own inner ability to heal the self. Healing will happen, consciously or unconsciously, when you truly surrender and get to the core of the issue with the help of the Universal Healing Energies. An Energy Healer can provide the energetic container to raise your vibration to a place where energy can flow more freely into you, helping you to release long-held & stuck energies.

A little introduction

My name is Raphael. It means “God Heals” in hebrew. It seems that as hard as I tried to stray away from the path, I could not resist the pull of becoming a healer. It was the Universe way of saying “nothing else would do”. I dedicated my life in helping people overcoming whatever it is that is holding them back. Together, we take the route less travelled, committing to a realm of highest possibilities and entrusting the outcome to the Higher Power.

My offering

Whether you want to experience a healing session with me, become a healer yourself or you just need someone to talk, I have you covered.

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